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Run Studio Run Digital

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Digital download only (PDF and .epub). This version is best viewed on an iOS device. Kindle version available from Amazon here. Run Studio Run is also available digitally via Apple Books.

There are no good books for helping small creative studios build and grow their businesses. Until now.


Run Studio Run is a book that details how to manage and grow a small creative studio.

Run Studio Run is a step-by-step guide that helps you look at your studio critically — as a business as opposed to an artistic endeavor. You will establish goals and paths for reaching them. You will see that the more of your business you can commit to process, the more you will free yourself up to do the work you really love.

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Run Studio Run is filled with insights and tips from the leaders of a diverse range of studios including: Commercial Type, Draplin Design Co., Hey Studio, High Pressure Zone, Kate Bingaman-Burt, Manual, Moniker, Mikey Burton, OCD, Perky Bros., Stansion, Tung, Under Consideration, and The Weekend Press.

Run Studio Run started out on Kickstarter where it became a featured project and raised 150% of its goal. The book was designed and illustrated by Moniker in San Francisco.

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