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Don't Call It That Digital


Second Edition

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As convenient as ebooks are, the best experience of this workbook is the physical version. (Plus you get a poster with the physical copy). This digital book is optimized for iPad and Mac—loading on other devices may not function properly. Kindle version is available from Amazon here.

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Don't Call It That is not a book about naming. It is a step-by-step workbook that walks you through the ins and outs of the naming process. This book is your best defense against boring company names and the people who find them "practical" and "functional." The book will help you understand what's at stake and how to approach naming creatively without neglecting practical realities like positioning, trademarks and URLs. 


The second edition of Don't Call It That is 40% bigger than the first. It has six new chapters, interviews with people who used the book to name their businesses, new name species, more exercises, and an expanded trademark section. 

How do you find a name that's available?

How do you find a name that grabs people's attention?

How do you tell the difference between a good name and a bad one?

How do you test names in the real world?

How do you find a name that elevates you above the competition? 

Don’t Call It That will set you straight.

Softbound, two-color offset with fluorescent ink 
Printed in an edition of 1000 
167 pages
Ships with Types of Names poster (594 x 762mm / offset in fluorescent and black ink) 
Editor: Marc Weidenbaum
Lettering: Miguel Reyes, Commercial Type
Illustration/Art direction/Design: Boon
ISBN: 978-0-9898320-1-4